A Tavern Conversation, Part 1

“Thank you, stranger. A good, strong drink warms the belly and loosens the tongue, I say. Where was we? Ah, yes. Trading ain’t that uncommon along the coast on the West, ‘specially between the Sapphire States and the Shaharids in the south. Sailors go up an’ down the shores, stickin’ close as they can, so’s to keep away from pirates and other unsavories who might like it that there ain’t as many eyes watchin’ further out.

But then you got the tattooed men, men who ain’t afraid to take to the sail and leave for the open waters. These are strange folk who leave civilization behind for years and return with fantastic treasures. They come back changed somehow, like they seen things that men wasn’t meant to see.

Then, of course, there’s the tattoos. Bizarre practice, that. Gods, the look of ‘em, covered head to toe in all kinds of markings and pictures. It ain’t right what they do. Abomination, it is. But that’s just one man’s opinion. There’s something unsettlin’ about ‘em ,is all. Me, I lived here all my life. Yup, never needed to go further than one town over to visit me ma’s folks.

Oh, drink’s all gone.

A Tavern Conversation, Part 1

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